The Power of 3 Media Buying Know – How’s That Work

Marketers face an ever evolving and revolving environment. The convergence of media and technology is affecting the connection between marketers and consumers Money Shot in unprecedented ways, meaning it is pretty important to have powerful media know-how working for you. Marketing consultant’s strategies and reach therefore are best held in the hands of those who work market niche daily, as new technologies transform the media value chain.

Engaging the consumer in a conversation with a specific brand is necessary to fully understand the user experience. Finding what media advertising updates can take a “best” advertisement to “better” yields a business that is maximizing the value of their media budget. Then, getting more in depth, as a business squares in the eye their own consumer and competitive challenges, they better understand how to develop the most effective and impactful ad buying plans for their organizations.


  1. CREATING- The key to great media planning is to be media agnostic. Marketing plans are more than a nice theory. Having a solid media strategy is a creative mission that can drive marketing ideas and determine new platforms where the ideas can be implemented and thrive. It is the process that takes core strategy and converts it into inspired, well integrated media plans.
  2. IMPLEMENTATION- Media consultants understand how to take the media plan and implement it with various options in media buying. Knowing the characteristics and trade-offs of different media channels and platforms is woven into every decision. Because integrated media requires an integrated sell, media buying must implement the strengths of each option.
  3. MEASURING- So many metric options are available to build a results oriented component into media buying. The measuring tools chosen should fit the job size. National media accounts need the capacity to measure entire product portfolios, while regional sales may start with a targeted focus measuring small to midsized clients and only one or two products. The key is to be measuring, have a “love analyzing” approach, and embrace the challenge of improving measurable and hard-to-measure results. Marketers understand the need to test and learn with a portion of their budget to get beyond incremental increases in results.


Whether it’s testing new media technology or determining which more well-established traditional media buy opportunities to use, the right media buying know-how can drive superior advertising results and make a business thrive.