How To Predict A Relationships That May Fail Or Become Abusive

The relationship between women and men ranging from dating, courtship, engagement and marriage proper is fraught with many pitfalls. However, regardless of how much problems the relationship with the opposite sex bring; it is still a task that must be done, people must be still be in relationships. It is the way of life for all beings. That is to say, get someone to love you every normal human being must be in one form of these relationships or the other as soon as they come of the age for such.

The problems that bedevil relationships include abusive conduct that hurt. These may be emotional, verbal and physical abuses. There are those that are hurting in their dating, courtship and marriage relationship, especially the women folk. The men also suffer. Some feel trapped and one wonders why they are not able to quit. They just stay and suffer.

During the preliminary stage of a relationship, it is possible to predict if it would fail or end up being an abusive relationship. There are relationship red flags. These red flags or signs of trouble are always there. Those involved miss these signs largely because they remove their eyes from the purpose of the relationship. The moment you make a false move such as getting involved in sexual intimacies while still dating or in courtship stage, there is a beclouding that robs the partners of seeing things as they really are. Another thing that makes it difficult for people to see the relationship red flags is when they become materialistic. The moment a partner starts watching the pocket of the other partner in a relationship; he or she removes their eyes from learning and studying the character traits of that partner.

Here are some relationship red flags to watch out for when you are in a relationship:

• Anxiety – Anxiety also means nervousness, worry, unease, apprehension, fear, etc. Remember having these feelings? Anytime you are in a relationship, and you notice that you or your partner is exhibiting the emotion of anxiety, you have a clear sign that the relationship would never turn to any good. There are a number of things that cause anxiety in relationships. One of them is a deceitful mind. If you or your partner is deceitful or fears it from the other, then, it is a sign that the relationship would not work out good. Being unequally yoked with someone can also cause anxiety or fear. Would he or she ever come up to my level, my faith, my Church or status? There are a number of others. If you feel the emotion of anxiety in a relationship, it would be wise to quit in an honorable way before it crashes on your head.

• Lack of Self-Confidence – Lack of self-confidence is a red flag in a relationship. You need that feeling of self-assurance, comportment and sure steps to feel and to prove to yourself and your partner that you are the real person for him or her. Lack of self-confidence or self-sufficiency hurts and hunts those in relationships. If while going out with a man or woman you notice this negative emotion in them, it would be most appropriate to help him or her feel confident or you quit in good time to avoid hurting yourselves.