Austin Texas Real Estate Boom-Crash

When you read the real estate stats for sales in Austin this year, it just does not make sense. The Austin American Stateman produced an article that showed sales down from last year. Visit online for more details , This is alone is not strange if you take away the fact that jobs in Austin Texas Grew during the same time.

We see the subprime concerns opening up inventory, builders are developers are still going. Lago Vista Real Estae for example is going to see some real changes with all of the new communities coming in, and I mean large subdivisions relative to the size of the town.

I am not sure if Builders and Developers are ready for something I do not see or are they over eager. When we look at the growth plan for Austin over the next couple decades it seems that we neeed the developments, but how can we expect so many people. Well, Austin is a beautiful town. when I go to other cities I can see why people like it so much, it’s sometimes hard to remember that all places are not this pretty.

People move here for the great lake activity and the two major lakes for the Austin area Lake Travis and Lake Austin. Cedar Park Texas was just written up in Family Circle a great place to live, and has plenty of room for growth. Round Rock Real Estate doesn’t make the new the way it used to all though Round Rock is a fantastic town with lots to do.

Austin in general is a great place to live despite some of the current preforeclosure and shortsale concerns. consumers have lots of choices from fixeruppers to nice waterfront and Luxury Homes.