3 Bad Habits to Give Up to Thoroughly Enjoy Your Online Classes!

You had a dream to fulfill and a purpose to meet when you enrolled for an online course. However of late, you find yourself isolated from online classes and you are apprehensive about continuing with the online program at all. solve my cengage homework Well I would suggest that you take a deep breath and try to analyze the reasons for your sudden detachment from online classes.

Not Interacting Well with the Instructor and Fellow Classmates

Try to whole heartedly participate in the online forum or community that has been set up by the school or college. Come up with questions if you are unable to understand lessons and seek clarifications therein. Discuss and debate about various learning materials with your fellow classmates and exchange notes and online website links amongst each other. Many instructors provide their email ids to their students in case they wish to write down their problems instead of discussion them on a public online forum.

Not Social Media Friendly

Make it a point to join social networking sites that the majority of your friends are members of. Other than being a popular chat interface, today social media websites have gained immense recognition for a number of other reasons. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. allows people to share relevant website links, upcoming class and event details, important news about current classes or courses, and getting your friends to give their opinions, suggestions and feedback in real time. For example, suppose you are stuck with a problem that you don’t want to disclose to your teacher, you can write a line or two on your Facebook wall or on your Twitter profile page to let your online friends see it and offer you advice on how to deal with the issue.

You Cannot Finish Assignments on Time

You may not feel like continuing with your studies online because you are unable to finish your home work and assignments within the given deadlines. However, the same pattern may continue even if you switch over to a conventional classroom-based learning set up. Ask yourself why you cannot finish the given work on time when all your classmates are submitting their home work or are working of the same kind of projects within assigned deadlines! Is it because you keep all your tasks pending for the very last moment or because you lack time management skills? Well, time management is one of the most important aspects of life. You should create a time table and start following it at the earliest. Initially you may face problems while keeping up with the clock but very soon you will see how ably you complete all your pending assignments and projects with flying colors.